Puff Pastry (Day 2) – 7 Days of Christmas

Perfect for parties and sure to win a lot of hearts. Puff Pastry is made in layers that expand when cooked. It is quite versatile so feel free to add a filling of your choice or serve flaky as is. The incredibly light flakes are enough to make it Oh So Special! šŸ™‚ The most important thing in this recipe is the dough. You need … Continue reading Puff Pastry (Day 2) – 7 Days of Christmas

Plain Paratha (Paratha Series #1)

A variety of Indian Flat Bread made with whole wheat flour. It is layered and crispy. Quite versatile.Ā Goes wonderfully with veg and non-veg curries or with natural yogurt or salted butter or simply roll and dip it in your cup of hot milk tea and relish it. Preparation TimeĀ 10 minutes Cooking TimeĀ 10-15 minutes MakesĀ 8 Parathas Main Ingredients Aata (Whole Wheat Flour) CourseĀ Maincourse Level Of CookingĀ Medium … Continue reading Plain Paratha (Paratha Series #1)