Vegan Juice

I think it’s time for some detox. Do you think so too? This Vegan Juice is an excellent source of dietary fiber and a whole lot of veggie nutrients. Have it for your breakfast… Yes, just a glass full of vegan juice is good enough to start your day! Here’s the secret recipe for you all to kick those calories out; Preparation Time  5-10 minutes Blending … Continue reading Vegan Juice

Mango Milk Shake

I was at the fruit mart last weekend and some mangoes caught my sight (though not the seasonal ones). I couldn’t resist from picking some. With Singapore’s soaring heat, a mango milk shake was the ultimate cool down… Mango blended with milk and ice! Here’s the quick recipe for you; Preparation Time  5-10 minutes Blending Time  2-5 minutes Servings  3 Big Glasses Main Ingredient  Mango Main Equipment … Continue reading Mango Milk Shake