Indonesian Chicken Curry

A taste that lingers in your mouth. Take a break from the regular chicken curry and try this absolutely flavorful version ‘Indonesian Chicken Curry’. The addition of lemongrass gives it a lovely aroma. Coconut cream enhances the taste manifold. Just get a few key ingredients and get cooking. If you can’t find those ingredients then get an Indonesian Curry Paste (I love the brand ‘dancing … Continue reading Indonesian Chicken Curry

Buttered Corn

A great source of dietary fiber and vitamin B6, corn provides incredible taste and pleasure even in it’s simplest form. We love the easy peasy Buttered Corn at home. It’s a great alternative to binging on junk food during an untimely hunger. You can either take out corn kernels from the cob, boil and spice them or simply have a packet of frozen corn kernels handy in your refrigerator, … Continue reading Buttered Corn

Mushroom and Cottage Cheese Stew

Quartered Mushrooms and Cottage Cheese Cubes cooked with Onions, Capsicums/Bell Peppers and Soy Sauce make a fabulous stew. Relish alongside steamed rice or plain paratha. This recipe was created when surprisingly I had more people for lunch than I anticipated. To start with, I was making Mushroom Stew but for more people I needed more body to my stew with limited amount of mushrooms. Cottage Cheese … Continue reading Mushroom and Cottage Cheese Stew

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli (from the scratch)

This is one dish which was waiting to be a part of my repertoire for a long time. I’m happy that I bring to you all today the recipe of homemade ‘Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli’. Simply put, Ravioli are a type of Italian Dumplings composed with a stuffing sealed between layers of thin pasta dough. These are usually served with a pasta sauce. The Ravioli in … Continue reading Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli (from the scratch)

Cherry Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella’s Marriage – Valentine’s Day Special

Cherry Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella’s Marriage were exactly the words that came out of my mouth while I was assembling this dish. You will experience a blast of flavours in your mouth when you will have these bite size hearts stuffed with fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, habanero chilli and mint. Surprise your Valentine with these incredibly easy to make beauties! Here’s the recipe for you … Continue reading Cherry Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella’s Marriage – Valentine’s Day Special

Basil Chicken Popcorn – Shack Saturdays Special

Our friday or saturday evenings usually start with chicken popcorns alongside some other starters and drinks. We bring the frozen chicken popcorns from the supermarket and fry them and relish with our homemade Red Chilli Garlic Chutney or Mint & Coriander Chutney. Last weekend, I thought of making chicken popcorn from the scratch. The beauty of making it from the scratch is that you can adjust the taste to … Continue reading Basil Chicken Popcorn – Shack Saturdays Special

Baked Eggplant Sticks

Here’s a snack that seems decadent and yet delivers a healthy crunch. Baked Eggplant/Brinjal Sticks can be delectable starters for your get togethers or just relish them hot while watching a game on television alongside a chilled beer or your favourite fizzy drink. Below are the steps for you all; Preparation Time 10 minutes Baking Time 12-13 minutes Makes 24 sticks (depends upon the size of the eggplant/brinjal) Main Ingredients Eggplant/Brinjal … Continue reading Baked Eggplant Sticks

Litchi Milk Shake – Thirsty Thursdays

Litchi/Lychee has been a favourite fruit of our family. As kids, we used to wait for the litchi season. The season for this fruit is usually very short but thanks to the cold storages these days we can relish these all year through. Litchi juice is quite popular but not too long ago I got introduced to Litchi Milk Shake. Since then, I became it’s … Continue reading Litchi Milk Shake – Thirsty Thursdays

Crispy Chicken – Chinese New Year Special

The most-anticipated event in China’s calendar ‘Chinese New Year’ is over the weekend. This year is the year of the Fire Rooster, which last fell in 1957. Staying in Singapore has added CNY as a time of festivities for us too. The celebrations here go on for around two weeks, involving the traditional lion dances, ringing bells and lighting firecrackers. Everyone at the workplaces are at a lighter … Continue reading Crispy Chicken – Chinese New Year Special

Roasted Portobello Mushrooms

Hi there! Add a new dish to your next barbecue party ‘Roasted Portobello Mushrooms’. These cups taste incredible both when hot or cold. We had this for our last barbecue party and it was a hit. Everyone loved the burst of flavours in their mouth when they had these beauties. Here’s the step by step recipe for you all; Preparation Time 15 minutes Inactive Time 60 minutes Cooking … Continue reading Roasted Portobello Mushrooms

Laal Saag Aalu (Spiced Amaranth Leaves and Potato) – Shack Saturdays

Laal Saag (Amaranth Leaves or Red Spinach) Aalu (Potato) brings back a lot of fond childhood memories. We used to have it with dal and steamed rice for lunch. Last evening, we brought Laal Saag from the Indian Supermarket here in Singapore. I decided to cook it for lunch today. Cooked with a lot of love and nostalgia, Laal Saag Aalu came extremely appetising. We had it with … Continue reading Laal Saag Aalu (Spiced Amaranth Leaves and Potato) – Shack Saturdays

Eggless Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffin – Shack Saturdays

Hola! Hope you all are doing well and the weekend’s going great so far! Many of our readers requested for the eggless version of the banana muffins I posted last time. I tried substituting egg with milk and plain yogurt for this one and the result was as good as the ones with egg. I used Olive Oil instead of butter to make them healthier. So, here’s the … Continue reading Eggless Banana and Chocolate Chip Muffin – Shack Saturdays

Dark Chocolate and Walnut Cake

Hola! Hope you all are doing well and had fantastic holidays! Here’s some indulgence for you people, a very easy to make dark chocolate and walnut cake. Least time-consuming and hassle-free. I made this for my munchkin’s 6th month birthday and although he cannot eat all this yet but my better half and I relished every bite 🙂 🙂 Preparation Time 15-20 minutes Baking Time 30-35 minutes … Continue reading Dark Chocolate and Walnut Cake

Good Bye 2016!

Hello Everyone! Here’s a recap to some of the recipes I posted in 2016. Enjoy creating them in your kitchen this holiday season. Bruschetta Bruschetta (Italian Starter) Stewed Chicken with Mushrooms Stewed Chicken with Mushrooms Deep-Fried Fish Fillet Deep-Fried Fish Fillet – Shack Saturdays Special Banana Muffin Banana Muffin Chicken Sausage Aglio Olio Chicken Sausage Aglio Olio (Spaghetti) Gnocchi Gnocchi – Shack Saturdays Special Cheers and Happy New Year!!! … Continue reading Good Bye 2016!

Indian Curry Shack Turns Two

Hi Everyone! I am so thrilled to share that Indian Curry Shack turns two today 🙂 🙂 It has been an amazing year! Besides cooking, clicking and sharing recipes, the last year gave me and my better half a very special experience of becoming parents. With ICS turning two our little boy turns twenty days old today. Here’s baby ‘Aryaveer’ in the photo.ICS has been an … Continue reading Indian Curry Shack Turns Two

Stewed Chicken with Mushrooms

Chicken and mushrooms are a delight when had as a stew. This is a great recipe for  a quick lunch or dinner. Ready in a few simple steps. Preparation Time 15-20 minutes Cooking Time 25-30 minutes Servings  3-4 Main Ingredients Chicken Breasts & Mushrooms Course  Main-course Cuisine  Chinese Level of Cooking  Medium Ingredients                                 … Continue reading Stewed Chicken with Mushrooms

Bruschetta (Italian Starter)

Bruschetta is a starter dish from Italy consisting of grilled/baked bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt. Variations may include different toppings like chopped tomatoes, onions, beans, cheese, basil, etc. I am sharing my homemade version with you all today. It’s inception in my kitchen was completely co-incidental. Better half got Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese and we planned to have tomato and buffalo … Continue reading Bruschetta (Italian Starter)

Deep-Fried Fish Fillet – Shack Saturdays Special

  Deep-Fried Fish Fillet gets me to drools even on a mention of it…Haha! Fancy having a fish with zero hassle of deboning or getting rid of pricks while eating? Dory Fish Fillet is the answer. Deep-Fried Fillet Fillet also reminds me of the very famous Fish & Chips. The recipe I am sharing today is that of Fish (from fish and chips). I am … Continue reading Deep-Fried Fish Fillet – Shack Saturdays Special