Indian Curry Shack Turns Three

Hi Everyone! I am so thrilled to share that Indian Curry Shack has turned Three 🙂  It has been an eventful and a super busy year! The responsibilities of a new mum added to my usual cooking and blogging schedule.

ICS has been an integral part of my life since the last three years. All my readers have been very supportive and appreciative in this exceptional journey. Many thanks to each one of you!

I believe food is a language… a language which we know right from the time we are born. My intention through Indian Curry Shack is to talk to you all in the language of food. It’s a language that brings us all together irrespective of caste, religion or geography. The beauty of food is that we can bring endless creativity to it.

I’ve compiled a video of some of the key milestones that ICS achieved along with photos of some extremely appetising recipes that I shared in the last year. Hope you like it!

I would love to have your feedbacks, thoughts, suggestions or questions in the comments section. You can follow Indian Curry Shack by Anugya by clicking on ‘SUBSCRIBE TO MY DELECTABLE RECIPES VIA EMAIL’ on this page for regular recipe updates.

Happy Cooking!

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