Indonesian Chicken Curry

A taste that lingers in your mouth. Take a break from the regular chicken curry and try this absolutely flavorful version ‘Indonesian Chicken Curry’. The addition of lemongrass gives it a lovely aroma. Coconut cream enhances the taste manifold. Just get a few key ingredients and get cooking. If you can’t find those ingredients then get an Indonesian Curry Paste (I love the brand ‘dancing … Continue reading Indonesian Chicken Curry

Buttered Corn

A great source of dietary fiber and vitamin B6, corn provides incredible taste and pleasure even in it’s simplest form. We love the easy peasy Buttered Corn at home. It’s a great alternative to binging on junk food during an untimely hunger. You can either take out corn kernels from the cob, boil and spice them or simply have a packet of frozen corn kernels handy in your refrigerator, … Continue reading Buttered Corn