Power Punch (Day 3) – 7 Days of Christmas

Power Punch - Indian Curry ShackPomegranate, Beetroot and Lime come together on Day 3 of 7 Days of Christmas with a punch of health as Power Punch. Absolutely refreshing and thirst-quenching concoction. It’s lovely colour makes it perfect for Christmas Party. Why shouldn’t the drink match with the decor! 😉

Preparation Time  7-10 minutes
Making Time  7-10 minutes
Servings  3 Glasses
Main Ingredients  Pomegranate, Beetroot & Lemon
Main Equipment  Blender or Juicer
Course  Beverage
Level Of Blending  Medium


  • Pomegranate  1
  • Beetroot  1
  • Lemon  2
  • Sugar Syrup  (made from 5 tablespoons sugar and 5 tablespoons water)
  • Ice  12 – 15 cubes
  • Water 1 1/2 glass cold
  • Chaat Masala (optional)  1/2 teaspoon


Step 1
Using a Juicer: Squeeze Pomegranate’s Juice. Add 1/4 glass of cold water and mix. Keep aside. Squeeze Beetroot’s Juice. Add 1/4 glass of cold water and mix. Keep aside.
Using a blender: Blend Pomegranate with 1/4 glass of cold water. Then strain the juice from seeds with the help of a strainer in a glass. Blend Beetroot with 1/4 glass of cold water. Strain the juice from pulp with the help of a strainer in a glass separately.

Step 2
In a jug, squeeze lemon juice. Add a handful of ice, sugar syrup and 1 glass of cold water (you can adjust the sugar as per your liking). Give a nice stir. Now add pomegranate juice and stir. Add beetroot juice and more ice. Stir well.

Power Punch - ICSStep 3
Divide the drink equally into the glasses. Optionally sprinkle some chaat masala in the glasses and stir. Garnish with a lemon slice on each glass. Serve chilled the absolutely refreshing Power Punch.

Relish your Palate!

(Interesting Twist: Top it up with some sprite or 7 up, give a stir and serve.)



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