Mango Milk Shake

Mango Milk Shake - Indian Curry ShackI was at the fruit mart last weekend and some mangoes caught my sight (though not the seasonal ones). I couldn’t resist from picking some. With Singapore’s soaring heat, a mango milk shake was the ultimate cool down… Mango blended with milk and ice!

Here’s the quick recipe for you;

Preparation Time  5-10 minutes
Blending Time  2-5 minutes
Servings  3 Big Glasses
Main Ingredient  Mango
Main Equipment  Blender
Course  Beverage
Level Of Blending  Medium


  • Mango Diced  1 (medium size)
  • Milk  1 glass (the glass in which you will be serving)
  • Sugar 4 tablespoons (add more if required)
  • Ice  10 – 12 cubes


??????????Step 1
Place half the milk, sugar, diced mango and 6-7 ice cubes in a blender jar and blend from medium to full speed till smooth.

Step 2
Add the remaining milk and ice and blend at full speed.

Mango Milk Shake - ICSStep 3
Pour into individual glasses. Garnish with almonds (optional) and serve chilled.

I love it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. 🙂

Relish your Palate!


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