Tehri (Masala Rice) – Shack Saturdays Special

Mum-in-law and I wanted to go for something simple and quick this afternoon. We decided to make Tehri (Masala Rice) that is cooked in the pressure cooker with some veggies. I made a special addition to the Tehri which was nutrela (soya) chunks. So, rather than a simple dish it turned into a flavoursome delicacy. Something that closely resembled a biryani. We relished it with natural … Continue reading Tehri (Masala Rice) – Shack Saturdays Special

Nariyal (Coconut) Burfi – Diwali Special

Wishing all of you a very Happy & Prosperous Diwali! This Diwali I took the challenge to make my favourite Indian dessert Nariyal (Coconut) Burfi. Yes, I haven’t really tried my hands on them. But, what better time and occasion than the festival of lights…and sweets! 🙂 Glad to see it turn delectable 🙂 Here’s the recipe for you. Way too easy! Preparation Time 30-40 minutes Cooking Time 25-30 … Continue reading Nariyal (Coconut) Burfi – Diwali Special

Aglio Olio (Spaghetti) – Shack Saturdays Special

Shack Saturdays defines comfort this weekend through a big bowl of Aglio Olio (Spaghetti with oil, garlic and red chilli flakes) topped with your choice of shredded cheese. It’s a recipe my better half is the best at. I love it with a fried egg on the side! Preparation Time 8-10 minutes Cooking Time 15-20 minutes Servings 4 Main Ingredients Spaghetti, Garlic & Chilli Flakes Course Main-course Level Of Cooking Medium Ingredients                                                                   … Continue reading Aglio Olio (Spaghetti) – Shack Saturdays Special

Plain Paratha (Paratha Series #1)

A variety of Indian Flat Bread made with whole wheat flour. It is layered and crispy. Quite versatile. Goes wonderfully with veg and non-veg curries or with natural yogurt or salted butter or simply roll and dip it in your cup of hot milk tea and relish it. Preparation Time 10 minutes Cooking Time 10-15 minutes Makes 8 Parathas Main Ingredients Aata (Whole Wheat Flour) Course Maincourse Level Of Cooking Medium … Continue reading Plain Paratha (Paratha Series #1)

Jeera Aloo, Fenia and Plain Parantha (Shack Saturdays Special)

Some very popular Indian dishes which are simple yet irresistible. I learnt some by watching mum cook in the kitchen and some by experimenting myself. These form a part of the sargi ensemble consumed just before the fast associated with the Karva Chauth festival begins. Jeera Aloo – Potatoes spiced with cumin seeds. One of the simplest and mouth-watering preparation. Fenia – Vermicelli Pudding or Seviyan Kheer. … Continue reading Jeera Aloo, Fenia and Plain Parantha (Shack Saturdays Special)

Masala Dal Khichdi

This recipe takes me down the memory lane when I knew almost nothing to cook and there was Khichdi to my rescue. It’s such a comforting dish. Simple, yet full of flavour in every bite. With time, I have been trying different variations of Khichdi and they all turned finger-licking. Made with a combination of Arhar/Toor Dal (lentils) and Rice. The aromatic spices used in … Continue reading Masala Dal Khichdi

Adraki Murgh Tikka (Shack Saturdays Special Recipe)

Juicy chunks of boneless chicken marinated and cooked in tandoor with a prominent ginger flavour. Main focus of this delectable dish is the marinade. This is one of India’s most popular dishes. Adraki Murgh (Chicken) Tikka can also be made into Murgh (Chicken) Tikka Masala, a tasty gravy dish. Preparation Time 2 – 2.5 hours Cooking Time 15-17 minutes Servings 4 Main Ingredients Boneless Chicken & Ginger Paste Main Equipment  Gas Oven Tandoor … Continue reading Adraki Murgh Tikka (Shack Saturdays Special Recipe)