Dal Makhani

Popularly known as Maa Ki Daal. It has a velvety texture and is a delicacy of Punjab. Made with a combination of Urad Dal and Rajma. Preparation Time 15-20 minutes Cooking Time 35-40 minutes Servings 4 Main Ingredients Whole Black Gram (Sabut Urad) & Red Kidney Beans (Rajma) Course Main-course Level Of Cooking Medium Ingredients             … [Read more…]

Pav Bhaji

Assorted vegetables cooked with masalas and served with pav. A famous fast food of Mumbai. Preparation Time 25-30 minutes Cooking Time 25-30 minutes Servings 2 Main Ingredients Potatoes, Tomatoes, Pav (Bread – Small Rolls) Course Snack Level Of Cooking Medium Ingredients                                                                   Potatoes  2 medium Tomatoes  2 medium Cauliflower  1/2 small Carrot  1/2 medium Green Peas Shelled  1/4 cup Onions  1 medium Ginger  1 inch … [Read more…]