Baby Food

Papaya Purée is extremely easy to make yet full of nutrition for the babies.

– Get the best papayas from market and purée them in your mixer. That’s it!

My little one loved it and wanted more of it 🙂


Rice Water is a great starter food for your baby. It’s easy to digest and helps in hydrating the baby and treating constipation.

– Boil rice in a pan/pot until soft

– Strain the rice and collect the water (dilute the rice water with plain water if it’s too thick)

Feed your little one once it’s warm.


Moong Dal/Yellow Split Lentils are high source of protein for babies.

– Wash and soak 3 tablespoon lentils in 1 cup (250 grams) water for 30 minutes

– Pressure cook on medium flame for 3 whistles

– After the pressure goes off, transfer the lentils to a mixer/grinder jar and grind the lentils until smooth

Feed your baby while the dal is still warm. Give sips of water at intervals.


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