Iced Honey Lemon

Iced Honey Lemon is our all time favourite drink. It’s absolutely light, refreshing, healthy and thirst quenching. We usually make a full bottle of it and keep in the refrigerator and have it every now and then.

Here’s the recipe;

Preparation and Making Time  3-5 minutes
Servings  3-4 Glasses (1 litre)
Main Ingredients  Honey and Lemon
Main Equipment  Shaker (can be any well-capped bottle)
Course  Beverage


  • Honey  8 tablespoons (adjust as per your liking)
  • Lemon  1 big
  • Water 1 litre (cold)  4 tablespoons (hot)
  • Ice Cubes  a few (optional)


Step 1
Deseed and squeeze the lemon juice. Keep aside in a small bowl/cup.

Step 2
Take hot water in a bowl/cup and add honey to it. Stir until it becomes a solution.

Step 3
Take cold water in a jug/bottle/pot. Add the honey solution and lemon juice to it and stir well (I like to use a refrigerator water bottle and shake everything together with the cap tightly on). Taste it before serving. You can add more honey or lemon juice as per your taste. Put a few ice cubes in the glasses and pour the Iced Honey Lemon and serve.

Iced Honey Lemon goes extremely well with curries and spicy food. It is great for a hot summer day. You can make more and store in your refrigerator and keep sipping every now and then. Health and taste in a single drink.


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