Strawberry Ice Cream

I must say it’s really a test of patience to post an ice cream recipe… You are drooling the whole time you are clicking this deliciousness and at the time when you are uploading the pictures and writing the recipe, you neeeeed a few scoops next to you ūüôā ūüôā

Okay, so I made this Strawberry Ice Cream along with other goodies for a surprise baby shower for my dearest friend who is expecting a baby girl. We had decorated our whole house in pink (a few pictures¬†for you guys to see and that’s my munchkin who’s just started to crawl). I’m so glad that that the mom-to-be and our other friends loved this homemade strawberry ice cream.

Here’s the very easy recipe for you all;

Preparation Time  5-10 minutes
Blending Time  2-5 minutes
Inactive Time  10-11 hours
Servings  6-8
Main Ingredient  Strawberries and Sweetened Condensed Milk
Main Equipment  Blender
Course  Ice Cream/Dessert
Level Of Making  Easy


  • Strawberries¬†(Sliced and Coarsely Mashed with fork) ¬†350 grams
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk (I used Milkmaid’s low fat one) ¬†150 grams (can be adjusted as per your taste for sweet)
  • Milk¬† 1/2 cup¬†(100 grams)
  • Fresh Cream¬†¬†1 1/2 cup¬†(300 grams)
  • Vanilla Essence ¬†1/2 teaspoon (optional)
  • Red Food Colour ¬†1-2 drops (optional)


Step 1
Place the strawberries (keeping aside 1/4 of them in the refrigerator Рto be used as strawberry chunks when finally freezing the strawberry ice cream) in a blender and blend till smooth. Add sweetened condensed milk, fresh cream and milk and blend again until all well combined. Add vanilla essence and red food colour (if using) and blend again.Step 2
In a plastic/tupperware container, pour the entire mix and freeze for 2 hours. Then blend the entire ice cream again. Pour the ice cream back in the container and freeze. After 2 hours again blend the entire ice cream and pour it back in the container, add the remaining strawberry chunks and freeze for 7-8 hours or overnight.Relish this lip smacking Strawberry Ice Cream with sliced strawberry on the side.

Bon Appétit!

Sharing with Fiesta Friday #167 hosted by Angie!

[PS: Since this ice cream is made without an ice cream maker, so the texture will be on the crunchier side. I suggest to serve it 7-10 minutes after taking it out from the freezer.]

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